Art Direction for the RESONANCE denim collection, designed by Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) for Anti Denim.
Photography by Fred Jonny.

Work done while at Anti & Grandpeople.

resonance_02 resonance_01 resonance_03 resonance_04 resonance_05 resonance_06



A collection of essays.

Forgotten Writings

Identity for a rowing club in Oslo.

Akerselva Roklubb

A photo book with images from Bayan-Ölgii in western Mongolia by the Swedish photographer Simon Larsson. Words by John Glinsman, an American writer who travelled with Simon.

Eagle Hunters

Music video for Gustaf Spetz. Shot, edited and graded in one day.

Gustaf Spetz – Början

Art Direction for Malin Dubois / NK Collection.
Photos by Simon Larsson.

Malin Dubois

Encounter No 1 is the first in a series of unexpected encounters between designers arranged by NK with the intention of creating interesting, innovative collections. This is NK’s way of highlighting new designers and giving the department store a contemporary influence, as a place of constant change.

Visual identity and art direction in collaboration with Felix and Magdalena. More info about the project here.

Encounter N°1

Fashion film for Encounter N°1 made in collaboration with Felix and Magdalena.
Visit Vimeo for full credits.

Encounter N°1

Outdoor advertising for the Beckmans College of Design Graduation Show 2011, including a 24 hour countdown to THE END on Northern Europe’s biggest digital billboard.
In collaboration with Carl, Calle and Fabian.

The End

Catalogue for the Beckmans College of Design Graduation Show 2011.
In collaboration with CarlCalle and Fabian.
Photos by Simon.

The End
Henrik Eriksen