Thirteen graduating students at Beckmans College of Design have created furniture inspired by their own experiences and thoughts about life and society. The starting point of the project has been to let ideas, research and process be the focus. This way, the final productions contain all of the inspiring thoughts and stories. Objects where the substance matters. That is The Matter of Things.

Directed, produced, filmed and edited by Henrik Eriksen and Carl Rapp
Still photography: Erik Wåhlström
Music: johnny_ripper
Sound Design: Marius Stedjan

The Matter of Things

Book design for Cheryl Akner-Koler. Awarded a diploma in Visuelt, the most important annual competition for the design industry in Norway.

Form & Formlessness

Vinyl packaging and digital release in the form of a newspaper for Pleasure’s first album, Bells. Inspired by surveillance images from the cold war era. The paper comes in different sizes for LP, EP and single. There is also a website where you can download stems and make your own remixes of their songs. I followed the band for a day, being super sneaky with a 300 mm lens, to get the images.


70×100 cm typographic versions of posters I had in my room when I was a teenager.

Bedroom Posters

Box one of ten in the Ancient Accounts book series, containing Herodotus – The Histories, Thucydides – History of the Peloponnesian War and Xenophon – Anabasis.

Ancient Accounts
Henrik Eriksen